Why choice Al Thuaray and Jordan to study Arabic

Why choice Al Thuaray and Jordan to study Arabic

Why Al Thuraya : 

Our main aim at Al Thuraya is to help the student to reach their  aims with high-quality teaching and low price 

 Our teacher is high certificated to teach the Arabic Language to non-native -speakers. 

  " proudly we can say " basically  we are the best  

At Al Thuraya, we don't like to say words we like to prove our actions press the button Ask our students  .and find them on Facebook  

Why Jordan 

Many countries proved Arabic Language courses  but Jordan is the best option for  5 reasons

  ‚ÄčThe Jordanian accent is too closest1.
 to  modern stranded Arabic 

2.       The Safety in Jordan: the Jordan is the most  safest country in the middle east “ at Al Thuraya we never have any student have been stolen “

3.       Jordanian people are very hospitable and like to see people from other countries

4.       In Jordan we have one of 7 greats thing in the world “Petra “, the lowest point on the earth and other great places to visit so the student can do an unforgettable adventure.   

5.          Jordan is a Modern country where the student can find everything they need