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there is one case of cornaviruse in Jordan and it has been deal with it ,the patient is in good health and soon he will back home . 

Jordanian Government has taken some Procedures : 

 "the Ministry of Health confirmed on Tuesday, March 10, that there are no new cases of the novel coronavirus in the Kingdom.

The Minister of Health, Saad Jaber confirmed that the infected citizen will be receiving treatment until he recovers.

Based on the brief:


So far, only one coronavirus case is confirmed in the Kingdom. The infected citizen is in good health condition and he tested negative for th virus on late Monday, March 9. He will undergo another medical examination this Friday.


The total number of people quarantined has reached 79. All the quarantined arrived in Jordan from countries with corona cases.

However, the total number of people who left the quarantine after 14 days has reached 277. None of them had the virus.

Quarantine sites:

The Epidemic Diseases Center (Isolation Center) of Al -Bashir Hospital, a hotel that was rented by the Health Ministry in Amman and a new quarantine department at Prince Hamza Public Hospital.

Travel procedures:

During a press conference held on Tuesday, March 10, the cabinet decided the following:

1- Travel ban from and to Lebanon.

2-The northern border crossing, the southern border crossing and King Hussein Bridge are closed down. Official delegations, Jordanians working at the southern border crossing and people who transfer goods from and to the Kingdom are excluded.

3-Travel ban from and to Syria, except for trucks.

4-All arrivals coming from France, Germany, Spain will not be allowed to enter the Kingdom as of Saturday, March 14. Jordanians are not allowed to travel to these countries.

5- Sea borders with Egypt will be closed. Flights to Egypt will be reduced by 50%. Citizens are not allowed to travel to Egypt unless necessary.

6- Travel ban from and to Iraq and Karameh Border Crossing is closed to passengers, but not commercial traffic and official delegations. People can travel to Iraq only through Erbil International Airport and Baghdad Airport.

7- Jordanians coming from all countries facing restrictions will be subjected to a 14-day home quarantine as part of the precautionary measures followed by the Health Ministry.

8- Diplomatic missions, international organizations, foreigners, investors, and residents of the Kingdom are excluded from the travel bans, provided that they are subject to the precautionary measures followed by the Health Ministry.

9- No international or Arab conferences will be held in Jordan if not approved by the cabinet. The decision excludes medical conferences.

10- These decisions will be reviewed whenever necessary.

The government had earlier decided the following:

1- Non-Jordanians coming from China, South Korea, Iran, and Italy are prevented from entering the Kingdom. However, Jordanians coming from these countries will be transferred to quarantine.

2- Employees working in the public sector are not allowed to travel abroad unless they get an approval from the cabinet.

3-No work permits will be issued for immigrants from abroad.

4-No vacation permits will be issued for expatriate workers and foreign students, so they don't go to countries where the disease is spreading.

5-No school trips will be allowed.

6-Tourist traffic between Jordan and Palestine stopped

For Inquiries:

The Ministry urged the public to call the following numbers for any query related to the disease: (111/ 962-778-410-186/962-6-500-4545).

Advice for the public:

-Avoid direct contact with anyone who has corona symptoms, which include cough, sneezing, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.

-Regularly wash your hands with soap and water.

-Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing"


this article    has been taken from Roy'a News 

most important aim for us to keep all our students safe so we have take some procedures in our classes so it will keep our student safe , however there is nothing to be worry because the virus are not widespread in Jordan 


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