Why choice Al Thuaray and Jordan to study Arabic

Jordan is a modern country , Which has a great atmosphere for foreign people 

They can find all kinds of food and other  stuff  they  need However ,Jordan is most secure country in Middle east .

 Jordanian people are so friendly and always happy to help foreign people ,Jordanian dialect  is the  closest dialect to Modern Arabic    At Al Thuraya we have  a professional stuff   which are always available 24/to help students , 

AL Thuraya Teachers: 

At Al thuraya as we chose our stuff carefully we chooses the best teachers for our students all our teachers are professional to teach Arabic language for non-native speaker and  their  experience is more  than 15 years to teach Arabic language for foreign people 

Al Thuraya Classes :

  our classes are  equipped with high-technology to help the educational process and to make learning language easier . 

 Maximum number : 5 students in  the class