VIP type of programs ( Groups )


                           Intensive program at AL- Thuraya is one the best programs to learn Arabic we    have create it after long time of experience to teach Arabic language to non-native speaker .as the student don't have a enough time to study Arabic Language we create this program  to this people help them to learn the language in a short time and take the most benefits of there  journey and we seek not only teach the student the language but we aim to teach them the culture as well which will make learning language more easier whit a lot of fun " Learn Arabic Live Arabic ) 
Al Thuraya Intensive program 
5 lessons per day each lessons ( 50 minuets each lesson  ) this class from Sunday to Thursday 
on Saturday  will be conversation lessons  ( optional ) 
and on Friday will be a trip our adventurer to discover Jordanian culture 

in The lessons from Sunday to Thursday going to be ( 3 lessons MSA and  2 Lessons Jordanian dialectal )

the maximum number of the student in the class is 5 student